Freeze Sculpt | Want to get in shape for summer? Look no further than FreezeSculpt
FreezeSculpt - Coolsculpting in Hampshire and Sussex can offer you the chance to look great for summer with no surgery or downtime, this non surgical procedure can give you the look you want.
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Want to get in Shape for Summer? Look No Further!

27 Mar Want to get in Shape for Summer? Look No Further!

The time of the year is upon us again, many people are spending their evenings scouring the internet for hot summer destinations, searching a multitude of websites for highly reviewed hotels, mentally picturing the scene in a few months’ time.

With this emergence of spring and its blue skies, our minds shift away from the miserable winter months and look forward to warm weather, summer holidays and looking great again. Inevitably, this shift in season forces a change in how we present ourselves. Gone are the evenings of scoffing comfort food in front of the TV, with sportswear now being dug out from the deep and dusty depths of the cupboards.

FreezeSculpt may be able to assist you with your mentality shift! On May 3rd we are holding an open day in time for the beginning of summer. Our day will consist of 2 sessions, the first being at 2pm – 4pm and the second being 5-7pm, allowing for you to still make the school run or be able to finish work and make your way to the event.

Each FreezeSculpt session will consist of:

  • An explanation of the Coolsculpting process,
    • A live demonstration of the technique,
    • A look at FreezeSculpt’s results and testimonies of those that have had the procedure,
    • Refreshments and prosecco,
    • Exclusive open day pricing,

For those of you who wish to have a more discreet showing on the day of the event, we are also offering private consultations that you can book into. These will be with one of our technicians who will be able to assess your eligibility for the procedure whilst tailoring an individual Coolsculpting package to suit you.

Following the procedure, results are fully visible after 3 months; conveniently leading to the beginning of July, so let FreezeSculpt ease your way into the summer!

Call 01243 388719 or email to book your place on the day.

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