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The post Christmas blues are upon us..

05 Jan The post Christmas blues are upon us..

The dreaded January blues are upon us, using ‘Christmas’ as a reason to delve into the fridge for another turkey sandwich or slice of cheese is now inexcusable and the number on the scales won’t reduce no matter how many times you step on and off.

January is therefore time many of us don’t feel too confident about ourselves and the drop in temperatures make it much less appealing to put on your running trainers or get to your nearest gym after a long day of work.

FreezeSculpt has now been established as an official Coolsculpting provider for a year and has seen numerous individuals in similar predicaments who have managed to grow their body confidence in one trip to our Coolsculpting clinic in Emsworth. Over 3 months the fat cells in the body gradually die, leaving the areas flatter and more sculpted.

In the past year our treatments have given an alternative to liposuction and other weight loss procedures which carry a certain level of danger and have left patients with amazing results across different areas of the body with them feeling great about their new look.

FreezeSculpt may well be one way to lose the January blues, book in now for a consultation with one of our technicians where you can assess your eligibility for the procedure and design a package that can maximise the effectiveness of the treatment.

Email or call 01243 388719 for more information or to book a consultation.

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