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How Coolsculpting Has grown throughout the world in the last decade and how Freeze Sculpt has brought into the idea.
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How Coolsculpting has grown

05 Oct How Coolsculpting has grown

Coolsculpting in the last decade has grown across the world. As a revolutionary technology that freezes and reduces stubborn areas of fat on individuals, it is unsurprising to see it’s rise in popularity. The process, founded America started to grow through the idea that individuals could lose fat without having to do any exercise or undergo surgery. Through this, thousands of patients saw the benefits, recommending friends, colleagues, family and anyone they could shout the benefits to! With this, more health practices started buying the Coolsculpting machine, with more people wanting to freeze their fat cells, sculpting their body to exactly how they want. This lead to Coolsculpting winning the New Beauty Treatment at the Beauty Awards in 2013 and 2014!

Following this, Coolsculpting was then FDA cleared, which states it passed the Department of Health’s certification as a safe treatment with no side effects and danger.

Coolsculpting has now made it’s way over to the UK through providers such as FreezeSculpt buying the machines to administer the procedures themselves. This has been largely popular within London and major cities, however the founding FreezeSculpt has given West Sussex and Hampshire access to the Coolsculpting procedure. FreezeSculpt is currently the only provider of Coolsculpting in Portsmouth, Chichester and as far as Brighton and you can call now to book a consultation.

Coolsculpting is continuing to grow and has now broadened across the world, extending to Eastern Asia and Australia, with more and more providers offering the treatment. It has also been popularised in the media with celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian using the technology as a fat reduction technique. We will talk more about Coolsculpting’s celebrity status soon!

Don’t forget to call our Emsworth base now to book a consultation and see for yourselves how Coolsculpting works at 01243 188719.

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