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Two weeks ago, Courtney & Ros, two of our Freeze Sculpt technicians visited the Coolscupting conference in London that highlighted new, innovative techniques and methods that assist FreezeSculpt in body contouring and fat reduction.
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Courtney & Ros at the Coolsculpting University

17 Nov Courtney & Ros at the Coolsculpting University

As we mentioned in last week’s blog, two of our FreezeSculpt technicians, Ros and Courtney ventured into London to attend the Coolsculpting University, provided by Zeltiq, the founder of the Coolsculpting brand.

During the intense two day programme, Ros and Courtney were shown many new approaches within the Coolsculpting field and were introduced to the origins of Coolsculpting. The science behind the procedure originates from study that found children who ate more ice lollies had less fat in their cheeks than those who didn’t. Research findings proved that fat cells were much more sensitive to cold than skin cells. From this, the idea that fat cells can be targeted and eliminated, leaving the skin unpenetrated and protected has grown in validity and developed over the last decade to the position in which Coolsculpting machines are scattered across the world, with FreezeSculpt offering the fat reduction procedure to Hampshire and West Sussex.

In addition, to the science, innovative new methods were highlighted that are able to offer up to 68% fat reduction, meaning you could achieve even better results than previously. In addition, techniques that broaden the number of patients who are eligible for the procedure were demonstrated which will allow FreezeSculpt to treat more patients than ever before!

Throughout their time at the University, the safety of the procedure was a point reiterated and made clear, a point we feel is sometimes missed when talking about the maximisation and effectiveness of results. This safety being something that Zeltiq founded their brand on, and something that has won numerous awards and has given Coolsculpting its prestigious status as a body contouring procedure across the world.

Ros and Courtney have now returned from their experience and are providing FreezeSculpt patients with the cutting edge methods that they were taught at the Coolsculpting University.

If you are interested in what FreezeSculpt has to offer, call 01243 377719 or email to come in for a complimentary consultation, assessing whether you are an eligible candidate for the procedure and tailoring a personal approach for your Coolsculpting journey.

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