Freeze Sculpt | Can FreezeSculpt help you this Christmas?
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Can FreezeSculpt help you this Christmas?

07 Oct Can FreezeSculpt help you this Christmas?

It’s only October yet the Christmas period is already dawning on us. Cue the annual work Christmas party and social occasions with friends, altogether a great time to let your hair down whilst a cheesy DJ blasts out the Slade and Wham classics we love each year.

This period however, leads to the huge yearly problem of WHAT TO WEAR?! You go for the dress you bought two years ago but never found the perfect occasion to use it. After a momentous amount of squeezing, puffing, sucking in and dancing in the mirror you stare at yourself, a little worn out, red in the face, looking like the turkey that’ll be sitting on the table in a few days’ time. This doesn’t make sense? You’ve been exercising, eating fairly well (minus the pack of bourbons last weekend) and living a healthy lifestyle. So where have these flabby bits come from? They definitely weren’t around last year.

Unfortunately in life, our metabolism catches up with us, meaning we can’t eat the same quantities as we could a couple of years ago without putting on a few pounds. Those areas that used to look tight and toned now look slightly podgy and no matter how many reps you do at the gym or how many times you go jogging per week, they just won’t go.

FreezeSculpt could help you this Christmas, shedding that stubborn fat, getting rid of those awkward bulges for good, leaving you feeling more confident about your figure. The Coolsculpting technology will administer a cooling agent to those unwanted areas, freezing the cells and over a period of up to three months, eliminating them from the body for good, right in time for the festive period.

Call our FreezeSculpt clinic in Emsworth at 01243 388719 or email if you want to feel better about your body image, and we can book you in for a consultation, assessing whether you are a suitable candidate for this revolutionary technology.

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